Wings 3D

Wings 3D 1.4

Subdivision modeler for creating 3D animations

Wings 3D is a tool specifically designed to import and modify models through subdivision - a polygonal modeling technique that allows very well-defined polygons. View full description


  • Imports from most major design apps
  • Features extensive tutorial


  • Complicated to understand
  • Only imports models - does not create them

Not bad

Wings 3D is a tool specifically designed to import and modify models through subdivision - a polygonal modeling technique that allows very well-defined polygons.

The program itself does not include tools to create it's own from scratch. Basically, Wings 3D can import models created by other design environments (such as 3D Studio, Adobe Illustrator or LightWave) into polygonal meshes and then develop them through subdivision polygons. It also includes a series of tools that will help you allocate materials, textures and UV coordinates to your models, add lights to the scene and perform screenshots among other possibilities.

Note that if you're not familiar with 3D modelling and polygon designs, you'll find this program a complete mystery. Even for those well versed, it's a complex little program but fortunately, there's an extensive tutorial on the developer site that takes you from your initial import to your first modelling attempts.

A powerful program that will be of interest to serious designers using 3D Studio, Adobe products or Lightwave.


  • * Major rewrite of Tweak to integrate it into the Wings core. The new Tweak features improved performance, additional tools, and more flexibility.
  • * Lots of new tools:
  • o Plane Cut and Slice for cutting objects or face selections
  • o Rotate Unconstrained for multi-axis rotations
  • o Sculpt Mode lets you push, pull, inflate, pinch, and smooth your model
  • o Face|Bridge now connects any two face regions
  • o Body|Weld now manages neighbouring faces
  • o View Along Nearest Axis (use 1 hotkey instead of 6)
  • * Interface improvements:
  • o Asian font support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • o Rollup windows into their titlebars
  • o Right-Click menus now sport a Menu Toolbar
  • o Folders and new icons for the Geometry Graph
  • o Four color themes to choose from in the Edit menu
  • o Save and load Preference Subsets from the File menu
  • o Automatic menu clipping for long menus
  • o Tweak Palette for selecting Tweak tools, magnets, and axis constraints
  • o Fix to properly restore the maximized Wings layout on Windows
  • * Many bugfixes and improvements

Wings 3D supports the following formats


Wings 3D is a subdivision modeler inspired by Nendo and Mirai from Izware. Note that it is not designed to create 3D models - only importing and then creating polygons from most major design programs.

It is possible to assign materials, vertex color, UV coordinates and textures, but there will be improvements in those features before Wings goes 1.0. There is no support in Wings for doing animations.

Wings 3D


Wings 3D 1.4

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